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A presentation of a business idea to potential investors. A gathering devoted to a particular activity or interest. Pitchfests bring together deserving startup entrepreneurs on a platform where they can present their business ideas to a panel of investors & industry representatives and offer them the following;

  • Mentorship from Industry Professionals
  • Networking with Corporates and discovering better Opportunities
  • Opportunity to get Funded and Incubated

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This is a Pitch Fest, conducted in two phases:

  • 1st Phase [Startup Registration - Online]
    Profile shorting process on the basis of Registration Form filled by Participants (Limited seats available)
  • Offline pitch session phase [After Startup selection]
    #10min Pitch

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Bastar se Bazaar tak

Founder: Satendrasingh Lilhare

By providing minimum 100 days employment to Gramin marginalized Bastarian tribal small & marginal farmers through value addition (processing & marketing) of farm and forest produce, conveniently available for urban consumer with collaborative participatory support from farmers by June 2022 in Bastar (Chhattisgarh). In order to achieve this we identified in first phase 245 poorest of poor forest dwellers household family and by June 2022 we are planned to reach out the 1000 household family in the remotest villages of the district and currently we are working with them in colloborative participatory approach in 7 villages of 2 panchayats in North Bastar Kanker district in Chhattisgarh state. The start-up reducing the post-harvest losses, enhancing livelihoods of local forest dwellers, and supplying high quality, unadulterated naturally pure forest healthy product processed, packed and made conveniently available to urban consumers/buyers at fair price. By doing this our desired social outcomes are to, established village level collection and primary processing center of farm and forest produce. Similarly providing employment to local rural unemployed youth to market their village produce to city based consumer. However we execute and demonstrate the effectiveness of introducing solutions through market demand driven Start-up model, rather than charitable mechanisms, and improve the leverage resulting from the youths and women employment opportunity at their village based.

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First Runner Up

GoVidyouth Mobility

Founder: Rutooj Deshpande

Large number of people around the world use two wheelers for everyday commute. The existing IC engine based scooter are not only polluting but are also expensive to use (Rs2/km). At the same time the electric scooters have issues such as high upfront cost, limited driving range, lack of charging station infrastructure, low top speed etc. GoVidyouth Mobility tackles these issues with our patent pending extended range electric two wheeler technology. With GoVidyouth a user will save about 30-40% on total cost of ownership. By simple charging the vehicle at home a user can drive a distance more than the average commute distance on charge battery. For any longer drive the onboard engine generator assists the baatery for vehicle propulsion. The total driving range would be 200km So there is no range anxiety and no need of charging station infrastructure. At the same time the vehicle has excellent performance with top speed of 80kmph.


Second Runner Up

Jeevtronics pvt ltd

Founder: Ashish Gawade

Sudden cardiac arrest kills 6-7 lakh people annually in India. This rate is 3-4x higher compared to the developed countries. Reasons: Lack of stable grid electricity and affordability. Similar is the situation in Africa, SE Asia, S America. This defibrillator has built in power source and will work in rural remote villages too. The cost is also 1/4th of the big brands. This a great boon for primary health centers, community health centers, sub-centers and even ambulances which do not have inverters+ batteries (99% of Indian ambulances). Since the grid electricity problems in Africa, S America, SE Asia are similar to those in India, all low and middle income countries (LMIC) will benefit from this product. These countries loose 1.8 million people annually to sudden cardiac arrest. Worldwide the market for defibrillators in USD 11 Billion. Great export potential exists for this product. Presently, Indian market for defibrillators is about 70,000 units annually. 80% of these either are refurbished 10 to 30 year old devices from abroad or from low cost, low quality countries. All these poor quality, unsafe devices could be replaced with a world quality Jeevtronics San Mitra 1000 HCT defibrillator. This will save India a minimum of USD 100 million per year in foreign imports. We aim to take a lion's share of this market in 3 to 5 years.


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